Nuts and seeds
Full of omega-3, these healthy fats hold anti-inflammatory properties. We’ve used chia seeds in our porridge because they’re one of the richest seed sources of omega-3. Oily fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines and trout also contain a potent form of omega-3, which dampens inflammation and relieves stiffness. Aim for at least one portion of fish per week and use gentle methods of cooking such as poaching and baking to protect their beneficial oils.
Colourful fruit & veg
Eating a rainbow of fresh, dried and/or frozen fruit and veg will mean your diet is full of potent antioxidant vitamins, which fight free radicals and reduce the damage caused by inflammation. Stars of the show include kale and broccoli, which research has shown may protect joints from damage, thanks to a compound called sulforaphane.

– Ginger and turmeric
Both of these warming spices contain potent anti-inflammatory compounds – use liberally in your cooking.